Kind Words


I suspect you guys are all about Apple, but I do love my DeltaWalker. You guys know your customers, but you've got a real fan of DeltaWalker on Windows here. I use it almost daily and I don't want to switch to something else that's more focused on the Windows market.... 😉

I enjoy using DeltaWalker so much, that I have used it on all three platforms over the years. You can tell I think it's pretty awesome! The UI combined with the settings is what I like the most. Easy to change the settings to get a different view of the deltas when I need it (mixed file environment). I've also used it for folder diffing. I have also used the 3-way from time to time, but my main "mode" is the two file diff. And the support I've gotten is top notch!

I am a big Visual Studio Code user and I know it has diffing ability and whatnot, but I've just been so happy with DeltaWalker, I prefer to use it for diffs/merges...

DeltaWalker is best diff utility I have used and I've tried many. Yeah, I'm a happy customer.

Allen Hewes
Distinguished Engineer

DeltaWalker is an important part of our build process. The software keeps improving, and at this point really nails our main use case of comparing changes in our code base over time. Highly recommended.

Bill Appleton
CTO Metazoa

Deltopia and DeltaWalker Pro are all AWESOME and FABULOUS! This is a followup to our emails over the past ~week or so, and I wanted to thank you again.

I’ve been using DeltaWalker for about 10 days now to collect together all the different pieces of a large documentary project that I have been working on over a period of ~9 years, with files that spanned 5 different computers and at least 10 external hard drives and RAID drives. I couldn’t have done it without DeltaWalker, and after I got the upgrade to v2, it only took a few minutes to figure out that I needed to get the upgrade to the Pro version, which I did today.

I have already saved an incredible amount of time, and with the Pro version I can now use DeltaWalker Pro to merge the folders/disks together…something I have been wishing I had the capability to do for years, which is why I put this project off for so very long.

You have an excellent product and I was surprised at the levels of complexity that it can handle and the extremely clear color-coded display of results when working at a folder level.

Thank you sincerely again.

Albert Koval
Documentary Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA

What a brilliant, brilliant & Indispensable Program. Thanks so much…. keep up the good work!!!

Gregory M Curatolo
ALRP Co-Chairman, Board of Director Emeritus

I am very enthusiastic regarding DeltaWalker. I have been using it for years and I can't live without it.

Joerg Koechling
Senior Web Developer, CEO Weblizards GmbH (opens in a new tab), Germany

I feel compelled to again express my appreciation for your efforts to help me.

What has prompted me to write again is the fact that around the time I sent in my query to Deltopia, I had 2 other queries to other software providers. To date, I have not even had an acknowledgement from the others.

Not only did I get a response from Deltopia within 24 hours (17 minutes actually), but a resolution as well.

People like you and companies like Deltopia that make excellent products and back them with proper customer service deserve accolades.

Again, thank you and well done.

Tony Merlo
Melbourne, Australia

After a couple months of working with DeltaWalker, after using zsCompare Pro since it was a new product, I've got to say DeltaWalker is very streamlined and intuitive. A true diamond in the roughs of cyberspace, with it's very straight forward interface and the presentation of the results are just right. No in-efficient use of window space, very easy to follow, and most of all, very fast results with even the biggest hierarchies of files I've thrown at it. Thanks for an amazing product!

Tony Diaz

You absolutely make the best tool and photographers need to use it. I have been very adamant that all of my audience use the software and will continue to promote it every time I speak. Again, thanks for making such a great product that is essential to the photography business.

Jared Platt (opens in a new tab)
Photographer / Educator / Writer

DeltaWalker is among the 'must-have' tools I recommend for any developer today: It's rock-solid, easy to use and integrates perfectly with any workflow. I spent a long time searching for a Diff/Merge tool that worked the way I expected on the Mac platform, and when I finally found DeltaWalker four years ago, it stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. It was a great value then, and it continues to be amazing today (thanks to the continuous work of its dedicated developers and support staff). The standard version is easily one of the most capable tools on the market at any price, but the Oro edition is without equal on any platform.

Mike Fahy
Mobile, Web and OS X developer

Every Studio in the World should use this software!
DeltaWalker and Delta Walker ORO (its more intense pro brother) are stunningly useful and robust programs for file and folder differentiation comparisons and merging. They are intuitive, and without a doubt best-of-breed. Most applications have one or two "best" features and many mundane, awkward pieces of fuctionaility. DeltaWalker does not just have a few "best" features but rather it is a well-integrated tool set that is clearly also used by its own developers, reflecting a practical interface with appropriate control and tracking of compare subject files and folders. DeltaWalker is so easy to use, functions and illustrates differences so rapidly and completely, and at such a control-able detailed levels, that for me nothing else compares. A lot of top tier production, analysis and DAW software have file tracking and archive maintenance features in them. That trend is growing. However, nothing will ever have the controllable detailed levels and ease of compare that DeltaWalker has, and I think it should be another robust, critical tool in the kit.

I simply use DeltaWalker ORO to compare and archive audio files and transcripts, and there simply is nothing I would rather use than this functionality. However, and importantly so, as strange as it may sound in our "everyone is a developer" world today, even being the best software is not the best reason to use DeltaWalker. All the incredible power of DeltaWalker means nothing if you become dependent on its great features (and you will) and there is not equal quality support and responsive development behind the products. The best reason for me is that, without exception, I have found that ideal level of support is there with DeltaWalker! With most great products, there still can be arm's length technical support response that is not operating in your lifecycle and is frustrating in delays or in placating your suggestions and then sending them into oblivion later. It is frustrating when you are on a production schedule and need help now.

Let's face it, for what DeltaWalker and ORO do they are inexpensive, and if your studio and production time are worth anything, this software will pay for itself in the first comparison and archiving moment. Yet, their service is so spectacular that I did not trust it at first, thinking it was a fluke. However, it is not a fluke and continues to be just as rapidly responsive and insightful years after I first started using the products.

Also, for those of you who are production-minded and concerned about workflow tracking and reproducibility, you will appreciate DeltaWalker and start to grow with it. Therefore, you may have specific observations or insights into how to improve DeltaWalker. I have found that the folks at Deltopia stand truly alone in how welcoming they are to new ideas and suggestions. I am a fan of being respected and treated right, regardless of the level I happen to be using their software on that day -from remedial to pro..

Maybe said another way, using this software and how it helps me just makes me happy because in the sea of crap out there, this just works and the folks behind it really seem to give a damn that it continues to do so for ME! What more could I ask for?!

Thank you!

William Kuenning
Military Family Voices

I have used Deltawalker for 3 years and it has been FLAWLESS. I LOVE the program.

Robert D. Lehman
M.D., Virginia Beach

Wow! I would call that excellent customer service. It's the service like that that really gives confidence about the company and the program!

Kenneth S. Rhee
Associate Professor & Director, Haile/US Bank College of Business

I believe DeltaWalker is the best overall OS X file/folder comparison tool available — it just doesn’t seem to be the best-known yet.

Eiren Smith
Independent Product Manager

I still love your tool, it's the best and most cost effective one I've come across.

Eric A. McVicker
Embedded Software Engineer, The Boeing Company

I really appreciate great software.  You folks have done a super job.

Dennis Womack

Deltopia, I have got to hand it to you!  Great job on the latest version. It resolved every issue we discussed and works like a champ. The stability is excellent and the U.I. responds very well during operations. It seems a lot faster too, a bonus!

Thanks for the excellent customer support too. I doubt I've ever received such a detailed and thoughful reply.   That never happens in business anymore! It is because of this reply to my concerns that I am now replying, months later, to let you know that I waited for the update and that it contained everything and more I could have hoped for.

One very happy customer

Philip Wolfe

Best software purchase I made in 2008!

Richard Cretan

First, just let me say that I love DeltaWalker. I'm not sure who is doing the product design but they deserve an award. I only wish all GUI's were as intuitive as yours. Thanks for a great product.

Henry Lamousin

Are there better diff tools than DeltaWalker? Sure, depends on who you ask and what features you are looking for. Is there a better way for a guy looking for a cross-platform diff/sync tool to spent $189? Maybe not... I'm not even sure that once you've tried DeltaWalker you can resist buying it. You've been warned.

Charles Cousin
President, Bellamare LLC

I'm really impressed with DeltaWalker.  I've been experimenting with it and my first impression is that it's stable, intuitive, and feature rich.  I really like the directory comparison functionality, and high-lighting the line differences down to the character level is really nice for code comparisons.

Mike Mull,
Senior Software Engineer, Slacker Inc.

...I have to tell you that DeltaWalker is the best diff tool that I have ever used and it has already paid for itself several times over in saved time.

Bernie Bernstein, Salford Systems

What I really like about Delta Walker is that I was able to extend my single test case to a test suite as DeltaWalker shows both the text and the folder diff views at the same time. This is not a feature that other diff tools provide. Having a 24" screen makes this feature an excellent match for today's wide screen monitors... I also liked the editing features which are far beyond those of other tools that seek to diff and merge... I develop portable software on different platforms and DeltaWalker travels with me to those platforms with no retraining required on how to build a portable test suite.

Andrew Scheurer,
CTO, Inter-Face Software, Inc

...Been in the computer field for about 30 years now, and I have to tell you that you guys have done an absolutely first-rate job with your tool. Only after using it for an hour, I sat down and glanced at some of the Hints and Tips. All I can say is "Where have you guys been all my life?!"

David McClain,
CTO, Refined Audiometrics Laboratory