Dlg Upgrade License

Install License Dialog

Use this dialog to upgrade your copy of DeltaWalker in one of the following two scenarios:

  • You are using a Trial version and you've purchased a permanent Standard or Oro Edition license key.
  • You are using a Standard Edition and you've purchased an Oro Edition license key.

In either of these cases the Help > Upgrade License menu item is present and allows you to enter your new license key. Simply paste your license key and, if necessary, change your personal information. If you are upgrading from a Trial version all new functionality will be available to you as soon as you hit the OK button. If you are upgrading from a Standard to an Oro edition you need to restart DeltaWalker to ensure that all new functionality is available.


Product Unlock dialog



Help > Upgrade License

Keyboard Shortcut

Alt+H, L

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