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Log File

Where can I find that mysterious .log file?

DeltaWalker reports different messages differently depending on their severity and their urgency. For instance many tips, warnings, and some errors are reported unobtrusively in the info panel at the top of file and folder comparison windows. Messages that require immediate attention are usually displayed in a modal/blocking window. Yet others, typically those most useful for diagnostic purposes, are recorded in the DeltaWalker .log file(s).

Should you encounter a problem using DeltaWalker we encourage you to submit those files to us, together with the DeltaWalker state file and with information about your system such as operating system version, available memory, JRE version etc. None of these files contains personal information or passwords and you can always review the actual text of what's going to be submitted to Deltopia.

Submitting feedback can be done in just a few clicks: Help > Submit Feedback... , Submit.

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