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Find/Replace Dialog

Accessible via Edit > Find/Replace... , the dialog allows you to find and replace specific text in a text editor.

Find Text

  • In the Find field, enter the text that you want to search for.
  • Select any other options that you want.
  • Click Find button to find the next/previous occurrence of the text.

Replace Text

Follow the same steps as when searching for text, except that you need to specify the replacement text into the Replace With field.




Select Forward when you want to find the next occurrence of the text; select Backward to find the previous.

All/Selected Lines

Select All to search the entire file or Selected Lines to search only the currently selected text, if any.

Case Sensitive

Check this option to make your text search case-sensitive.

Whole Word

Selecting this option will result in a search for entire words only.

Regular Expressions

Select this option if you want to perform the search using regular expressions. Click in the Find or Replace With field, then press Ctrl+Space to get Content Assist for inserting regular expression constructs. When the cursor is placed in a dialog field that is supported by Content Assist, a small light-bulb above the upper-left corner of the field indicates its availability.


Fild/Replace dialog

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