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Available Character Encodings

Available Character Encodings

DeltaWalker supports the same wide-range of character encodings supported by the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v. 1.6 or newer. A non-exhaustive list of encodings follows.

The first column in both tables contains the names of the encodings, a.k.a. canonical names, that DeltaWalker uses. When an encoding has an alternative name, it is listed in the second column of the tables. Although the alternative names are being gradually phased out, they are listed here as many people may be familiar with them. The third column gives a brief description of each.

Basic Character Encodings

NameAlternative NameDescription
US-ASCIIASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
windows-1250Cp1250Windows Eastern European
windows-1251Cp1251Windows Cyrillic
windows-1252Cp1252Windows Latin-1
windows-1253Cp1253Windows Greek
windows-1254Cp1254Windows Turkish
windows-1257Cp1257Windows Baltic
ISO-8859-1ISO8859_1ISO 8859-1, Latin Alphabet No. 1
ISO-8859-2ISO8859_2Latin Alphabet No. 2
ISO-8859-4ISO8859_4Latin Alphabet No. 4
ISO-8859-5ISO8859_5Latin/Cyrillic Alphabet
ISO-8859-7ISO8859_7Latin/Greek Alphabet
ISO-8859-9ISO8859_9Latin Alphabet No. 5
ISO-8859-13ISO8859_13Latin Alphabet No. 7
ISO-8859-15ISO8859_15Latin Alphabet No. 9
KOI8-RKOI8_RKOI8-R, Russian
UTF-8UTF8Eight-bit UCS Transformation Format
UTF-16Sixteen-bit UCS Transformation Format, byte order identified by an optional byte-order mark
UTF-16BEUnicodeBigUnmarkedSixteen-bit Unicode Transformation Format, big-endian byte order
UTF-16LEUnicodeLittleUnmarkedSixteen-bit Unicode Transformation Format, little-endian byte order

Extended Encodings

NameAlternative NameDescription
windows-1255Cp1255Windows Hebrew
windows-1256Cp1256Windows Arabic
windows-1258Cp1258Windows Vietnamese
ISO-8859-3ISO8859_3Latin Alphabet No. 3
ISO-8859-6ISO8859_6Latin/Arabic Alphabet
ISO-8859-8ISO8859_8Latin/Hebrew Alphabet
windows-31jMS932Windows Japanese
EUC-JPEUC_JPJISX 0201, 0208 and 0212, EUC encoding Japanese
x-EUC-JP-LINUXEUC_JP_LINUXJISX 0201, 0208, EUC encoding Japanese
Shift_JISSJISShift-JIS, Japanese
ISO-2022-JPISO2022JPJIS X 0201, 0208, in ISO 2022 form, Japanese
x-mswin-936MS936Windows Simplified Chinese
GB18030Simplified Chinese, PRC standard
x-EUC-CNEUC_CNGB2312, EUC encoding, Simplified Chinese
GBKGBK, Simplified Chinese
ISCII91ISCII91ISCII91 encoding of Indic scripts
x-windows-949MS949Windows Korean
EUC-KREUC_KRKS C 5601, EUC encoding, Korean
ISO-2022-KRISO2022KRISO 2022 KR, Korean
x-windows-950MS950Windows Traditional Chinese
x-MS950-HKSCSMS950_HKSCSWindows Traditional Chinese with Hong Kong extensions
x-EUC-TWEUC_TWCNS11643 (Plane 1-3), EUC encoding, Traditional Chinese
Big5Big5, Traditional Chinese
Big5-HKSCSBig5_HKSCSBig5 with Hong Kong extensions, Traditional Chinese
TIS-620TIS620TIS620, Thai

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