Text Comparison Summary

Text Comparison Summary Dialog

Bring up this dialog to see a summary of the folder comparison results.

Part of the information—the number of text blocks—is identical with the information present in the status bar comparison summary panels; the other part—the number of lines—is specific to this dialog.

The summary for two-way comparisons includes the numbers of blocks and lines of text that are same, different, added, and deleted between the first and the second file (text editor).

In the case of three-way text comparison, each of these numbers represents the sum of the respective numbers of First Modified & Reference and the Second Modified & Reference pairs. Additionally, the number of blocks and lines of text containing conflicting changes is shown as well.




Copies the comparison summary table and its contents to the Clipboard in both CSV (Comma Separated Value) and HTML formats.

Page Setup

Brings up the Page Setup dialog so that you can adjust the page print parameters before printing.


Brings up the Print dialog. Use this button to print the comparison summary.

Save As

Brings up the Save File dialog. Click this button to save the summary in either CSV or HTML format.


Closes the dialog.


Text Comparison Summary dialog

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