Welcome to DeltaWalker—Deltopia's multi-platform application for visual file and folder comparison.

We trust—in fact, we guarantee—that you will find this product both useful and fun.

This help, like DeltaWalker itself, aims to be simple, useful, and intuitive. It will, like DeltaWalker itself, introduce you to the state, the art, and the state-of-the-art of comparing, editing and merging various types of files, as well as comparing and synchronizing folders.

Even if this is your first time with DeltaWalker, chances are you've already stumbled upon www.deltawalker.com. If not, do check it out - the interactive tiles will give you a sense of what DeltaWalker is, while the video tutorials get you going in no time and show you just how approachable and powerful DeltaWalker is.

Rookie or a pro, be sure to leaf through the How Do I? section as its depth, breadth, and straightforward format will likely offer you information you want to know about.

The task-oriented Comparing Files and Comparing Folders sections are here to support you as you are performing these two key activities.

DeltaWalker is attuned to the way you work and the proof is everywhere—from the flexible and transparent way it adapts its user interface to your style, to the wealth of options offered in its preference pages.

Scripting DeltaWalker gives you both the high and the low level of everything you need to know to tap into the power of DeltaWalker's scripting model.

For a complete reference of DeltaWalker's many dialog windows check out Dialogs.

Turn to Everything Else for anything you didn't find elsewhere, including working with comparison history, printing a comparison, as well as support and contact Information.

This help, like DeltaWalker itself, makes a great deal of effort to represent fairly all supported platforms—something evident in the choice of topics as well as screenshots. For simplicity, it makes references only to the Command key; when on Windows or Linux, simply do a mental replace with the Control key and you'll feel right at home.