How Do I?
Get Started

Get Started

Once you've installed DeltaWalker on your system, it's time to take it for a spin.

The way you first launch DeltaWalker depends on the type of installer you installed DeltaWalker with and the operating system you are running.

If you are on macOS, you most likely dragged & dropped DeltaWalker to its default location—the Applications folder. You can launch it directly from there by double-clicking on the DeltaWalker bundle icon, or you can add it to the Dock and launch it from there with a single click.

If you are running Windows and you used the MSI installer accepting its default settings, you can launch DeltaWalker using any of the shortcuts the installer created for you: the desktop, the start menu program, or the quick launch bar shortcut.

If you used the zip installation package on Linux or Windows, unzip it, then navigate to the unzip folder and double-click the DeltaWalker executable.

Upon very first launch, DeltaWalker will greet you with its Welcome page, offering you direct access to its two most commonly used operations: comparing and merging files and comparing and synchronizing folders.

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