Comparing Files
Office, PDF Doc Comparison

Comparing Office & PDF Documents

DeltaWalker is capable of extracting and comparing the text content of iWork, Microsoft Office,, PDF, and RTF documents. When loading such files, either via drag and drop or using the file selectors, DeltaWalker will strip away their formatting and work only with their text contents. Almost always, this is the type of comparison one can expect to see when comparing documents.

DeltaWalker can extract text from the following document/application formats:

Text paragraphs in such documents are often long, in which case you can either:

  • Turn on Wrap Long Lines by going to DeltaWalker > Settings > Comparing Text Files > Display page, or from the Comparison Settings dropdown menu on the main toolbar.
  • Break long paragraphs at word boundaries: DeltaWalker > Settings >Comparing Text Files page.

Once extracted, the text cannot be saved back to its original file: however, you can easily save it as plain text.

Text from Word document tables is not extracted.

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