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This preference page offers you control over the following preferences:




Show inline differences

Select this option to make DeltaWalker display detailed differences—added, deleted, and different characters—within blocks of text when visualizing the results of a file comparison.


Show pseudo conflicts

Choose this option when you want pseudo conflicts to appear in 3-way comparison. A pseudo conflict occurs when both first and second files have the same difference relative to their common ancestor. A real-world example for pseudo conflict is when two developers make the exact same change e.g. they both add or remove the same line of code in their respective files.


Connect ranges with single line

Turn this option on when you want to have the differing ranges visually connected by a single line; turn it off for a flexible, arrow-like connection.


Wrap long lines

When selected, all text editors in DeltaWalker will wrap lines longer than their width at word boundaries.


Text Comparison Display preference page

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