Open Remote File

Select Remote File Dialog

The Remote File Dialog may help you construct a valid Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) more easily by allowing you to specify separately the different components of a URI and by putting them together for you. The resulting string, the URI, is what DeltaWalker will use to locate and load the file of interest. This string has to conform to the URI specification.

Similarly to the Select Local File dialog, the Remote File dialog allows you to specify the character encoding and the line delimiter at the time of opening or saving a file.


Select Remote File dialog.


File/folder selector

Click the small down-pointing arrow to the right of Open button button, then choose "Select Remote File" menu to bring up Select Remote File dialog

Keyboard Shortcut

Ctrl+O (when a file or a folder comparison window has the input focus) brings up either the Select Local or Select Remote File Dialog depending on which one was invoked last.

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