Integrating with Other Apps
Command Line

Command Line Parameters

The general way of launching the DeltaWalker executable from the command line is:

DeltaWalker [parameters] [-vmargs [Java VM arguments]]

Launching DeltaWalker on macOS requires that one references the actual executable inside the DeltaWalker app bundle. Assuming default installation location, launching DeltaWalker would look something like that:



file or folder pathname/URI - One or two resource paths specified on the command line instructs DeltaWalker to open them in a two-way file or folder comparison window, respectively. The resources could be files or folders. Three paths will be opened in a three-way folder comparison, where the third pathname will be the reference resource. If more than three paths are specified, only the last three are used.

It is important that you specify the full, absolute resource paths, as opposed to just their names or relative paths. Alternatively, you can use the -pwd param as described below.

-pwd= - Use this param on macOS or Linux to tell DeltaWalker what the working directory is. This is helpful if you want to avoid specifying the full paths for all resources, or when integrating with other apps that pass resource names using full or relative paths.

-merged= - Meaningful only when reconciling differences in three-way file comparison. SCMs that offer external diff tool integration would specify the pathname of a fourth file that will be the recipient of the three-way merge; it is that fourth file that one should assign to the -merged param.

-nomru - When specified, DeltaWalker will not attempt to load any of the file or folder comparisons whose windows were opened at the time it was last closed, regardless of the "Launch most recent comparison(s) on startup" preference. Use this param when DeltaWalker has a difficulty starting up do to one or more previous comparisons. Once it's running, you can go and delete the comparisons in question.

-title1= -title2= -title0= - When specified, the string values of these parameters are shown in the Path text entries, just above the content areas, in a readonly fashion. Their purpose is to facilitate the visual identification of the files/panels. Note that -title0 refers to the 'Reference' resource/panel—the first one in 2-way comparison and the middle one in 3-way comparison.

-vm path - The location of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to use to run DeltaWalker. If not specified, the product will attempt to find a JRE. It will first look for a directory called jre as a sibling of the DeltaWalker executable, and then look on the operating system path. Relative paths are interpreted relative to the directory that DeltaWalker is started from.

-nosplash - When specified on Windows and Linux, DeltaWalker will not show a splash screen at startup. DeltaWalker shows no splash screen on OS X.

-vmargs [Java VM arguments] - When passed to DeltaWalker, this option is used to customize the operation of the Java VM used to run DeltaWalker. If specified, this parameter must come at the end of the command line. The given arguments are dependent on the VM that is being run.

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