Comparing Folders

Folder Comparison Reports

DeltaWalker offers three types of folder comparison reports: HTML, Snapshot, and Patch.

HTML Comparison Reports

To create a comparison report, Open/Run that comparison, then go to File > Report and choose the report type you desire.

A folder comparison HTML report shares similarities with a text comparison HTML report in that it:

  • Includes the most important preferences used to produce the folder comparison.
  • Is great for sharing, storing, and tracking the change history of a particular folder pair/triplet.
  • Can be two-way and three-way (Pro & Oro edition) depending on the folder comparison it represents.

Folder comparison reports can contain links to individual file comparison reports of files that are a part of the folder comparison.

Comparison Snapshots

A comparison snapshot is a JSON structure holding the name and the attributes of one of more resources for every node in the selected folder comparison, together with all preferences governing that comparison. Select a single role/hierarchy if you want to compare it later against the 'live' file system hierarchy. Select all roles/hierarchies if you want to capture the entire folder comparison for archive, audit or other purposes.

Software Patch

Invoking the File > Report > Create Patch... command when a folder comparison window is active will create a single patch file containing the patches for all pairs of different files, including added and deleted files, in that folder and all of its subfolders. For details on patch creation for single pair of files, see "Creating a Patch for a Single File Pair".

Use caution when executing this command, as invoking it for large folders containing many pairs of different files may take a while.