New & Noteworty

New & Noteworthy

DeltaWalker 2.6.4 Apr 8, 2022


  • Restores access to session preferences.
  • Reintroduces the "Restore Defaults" preferences button.
  • Introduces native Apple Silicon (aarch64) macOS release; Linux aarch64 & x64 releases coming soon.
  • Improves logic responsible for restoring workspace layout (previously comparison views) upon a restart.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

DeltaWalker 2.6.3 Jan 28, 2022


  • Restores workspace layout with folder comparison views at the top and file editors at the bottom.
  • Fixes a crash when bringing up the Install License Key dialog before the app is loaded.
  • Further dark theme improvements for source files with syntax highlighting.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

DeltaWalker 2.6.2 Dec 14, 2021


  • Dark theme improvements for source files with syntax highlighting.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

DeltaWalker 2.6.1 Nov 11, 2021


  • macOS Big Sur compatible.
  • Proactively monitors the memory available to DeltaWalker and prompts the user when running low on memory.
  • Restores ability to specify the amount of memory available to DeltaWalker.
  • Dark and Light theme support.
  • New icons, cleaner UI.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Folder Comparison

  • Memory use improvements.

DeltaWalker 2.5.6 May 5, 2020

Text Comparison

  • Restores ability to load and compare MS Office, PDF and RTF documents.

Folder Comparison

  • Removes giant “Open With” default app menu icon; OS X and high-resolution monitor specific.


  • Improves state persistence resilience.
  • Enforces single instance by default.
  • Removes 'Window' > 'Open In New Window' menu item.
  • Prevents certain regular style menu items from appearing as selected/checked.
  • Resolves problems with .MSI installer on some Windows systems.

DeltaWalker 2.5.1 May 28, 2019

Folder Comparison

  • Restores the ability to expand folders.

Text Comparison

  • Upgrades to the latest version of 3rd party text extractors for PDF, Office and RTF documents.

DeltaWalker 2.5.0 May 2, 2019

Folder Comparison

  • Optimizes memory use to the tune of 250%.
  • Uses a new, more reliable, API for transferring timestamps and other file attributes.

Text Comparison

  • Fixes intermittent editor crash when pasting text on Mac OSX 10.13 & 10.14.
  • Closing a text comparison no longer results in a memory leak.
  • Improves performance of inline delta visualization by an order of magnitude.
  • Optimizes memory use by 30%.


  • Fixes script execution, updates existing script samples.
  • Extends the Sumbit Feedback to allow addition of other files e.g. images, etc.
  • New MSI installer fixes infrequent, intermittent intallation aborts, allows transparent upgrade of existing DeltaWalker installations.
  • Delegates heap memory management entirely to the JVM.

DeltaWalker 2.3.2 Apr 10, 2017


  • Fixes intermittent startup problems on Mac OSX 10.12 (El Capitan).
  • Improves Gatekeeper compliance for the 'Compare with DeltaWalker' droplet on Mac OSX.
  • Offers full retina/hi-dpi support on Windows and Linux.
  • Replaces use of Preferences with Settings throughout the user interface.

DeltaWalker 2.3.0 Mar 13, 2016

Folder Comparison

  • Ensures that sync operations like copy and move only work on resources that pass through the active folder comparison filters.
  • Fixes intermittent inaccuracy of folder size computation.

Text Comparison

  • Aligns vertical scrolling to the vertical center when 'Wrap long lines' is on.
  • Improves performance when 'Wrap long lines' is off by an order of magnitude.


  • Ensures that resource names ending with one or more spaces are properly handled.
  • Fixes remaining code-signing issues on Mac OS X.
  • Updates the Automator workflow to point to the new dw.jar location.
  • Improves HTML report generation handling of error conditions.
  • Brings back the 'Check for Updates' menu item.

DeltaWalker 2.2.1 Dec 20, 2015

Folder Comparison

  • Fixes a problem deleting resources.

Remote/Cloud Comparison

  • Fixes FTP comparison by content.
  • Fixes HTTP(S) file comparison.

DeltaWalker 2.2 Nov 24, 2015


  • Improves app bundle layout on Mac OS X.
  • Improves code-signing compliance on Mac OS X.

Remote/Cloud Comparison

  • Google Drive comparison and synchronization support.
  • Dropbox comparison and synchronization support.
  • New user interface for selecting and configuring remote connections.
  • Fixes intermittent passwords saving issues.
  • Performance improvements to all supported remote connections.
  • Performance and stability improvements of SFTP connections.

Text Comparison

  • Improves text selection appearance.

DeltaWalker 2.1.2 Jun 19, 2015


  • Working directory is now properly recognized.

  • Improves Git integration, making use of gitconfig's difftool instead of diff.external.

  • “Compare With” action works properly now.

  • Fixes a problem where the content type of remote files would occasionally be not recognized.

  • Improves the regular expression for CPP comments in Text Filters.

  • Fixes occasional invalid thread access.

  • Fixes a subtle range selection problem in folder comparison.

  • Upgrades to the latest libraries for text extraction from Office and PDF documents.

  • Drops support for older style iWork documents text extraction.

  • Improves caching for remote image files.

  • Improves remote file content type detection and load speed

DeltaWalker 2.1.1 Jan 14, 2015


  • Fixes a problem comparing archive/compressed files.
  • Improves text comparison algorithm concurrency.
  • HTML Design/Browser rendering now includes external CSS files.

DeltaWalker 2.1 Dec 21, 2014

User Interface

  • We've revisited everything-every corner, every line, every shade of gray or transparency, every pixel. The result is in your hands, let us know what you think.
  • Comparison preferences and actions at a glance. Discreet expandable panels offer direct access to every comparison's key preferences and key applicable actions; in the case of image comparison, an expandable Info panel offers relevant image information.
  • Total Preferences overhaul. There's hardly a chance now of modifying a default preference while thinking it's a preference that belongs to the active comparison. Now when the Preferences window is brought up while there's an active comparison, the preference pages of that active comparison are shown alongside all other application-level preferences. A new menu entry Edit > Default Preferences... brings up only the preference pages controlling the preferences that will be used as defaults for new comparisons.
  • The entire online documentation, fully revised and updated, is now available exclusively on DeltaWalker's dedicated web site: (opens in a new tab)
  • The computationally-heavy birds-eye view logic now executes on background threads, keeping the UI responsive even with the largest file and folder comparisons.
  • New preference-controlled sounds/chimes at the end of a folder comparison or important alerts.

Folder Comparison

  • Ability to save snapshots of one or more/all roles/sides of a comparison for later comparison/reference. Snapshots are saved in compact JSON format and are available for programmatic use/consumption.
  • Preference-controlled ability to collect and display extended file information such as Date Created, User Owner and Group Owner.
  • Ability to filter/show only Newer and Older files.
  • Detection and warning when space on the destination drive is insufficient for the sync op to be performed.
  • Automatic three-way synchronization related fixes, including related script API and samples. Automatic three-way folder synchronization now performs automatic three-way merge of non-conflicting differences in text files inside the folders being synchronized.
  • Improved error reporting for various Sync ops.
  • Fixes issues when moving nested folder hierarchies.
  • Re-Compare Selected now properly re-compares files by content when this is the selected comparison method.

Folder Comparison

  • Significant performance improvements to automatic three-way merge.
  • Automatic three-way merge related fixes, including related script API and samples.


  • DeltaWalker v2.1 64-bit is available on all Mac OS X versions 10.7 and newer, while the 32-bit version runs on versions all the way back to 10.5.8.
  • New General preference page offering the ability to:
    • - Control the language/local used for date formatting.
    • - Control the amount of memory available to DeltaWalker.
    • - Configure the logger, clear the log files as well as clear all passwords saved as part of remote comparisons.
  • New Remote Connections preference page offering control over remote connection preferences. Available both as a part of the Default preferences as well as a part of comparison-specific preferences.
  • New event-based state file reading and writing.
  • Fixes related to automatic three-way merge and sync in text and folder comparison respectively, including to the script samples illustrating those.
  • Fixes to the Compare with DeltaWalker droplet on Mac OS X

DeltaWalker 2.0 Mar 8, 2014**


  • Scripting based on JavaScript, world's most popular programming language.
  • Built-in syntax-sensitive script editor.
  • Built-in script runner.
  • Console for script output.
  • Simple, ultra-powerful scripting API.
  • Extensive script API documentation, sample scripts showcasing 2 & 3-way text and folder comparison, merge, synchronization, filters, and more.

Text Comparison

  • Syntax-highlighting for close to 50 of the world's most popular programming and markup languages.
  • Performance and rendering improvements.

Folder Comparison

  • Capable of comparing more than a million items in minutes.
  • Symbolic links are now shown using a dedicated icon.
  • A dedicated icon for resources with no read-permissions.
  • Date/Time filter now capable of working with absolute as well as relative time.
  • New filter for .DS_Store files on Mac OS X.

Image Comparison

  • User-controlled comparison threshold.

Remote Comparison

  • FTPS Implicit mode support and a user-controlled preference to choose between Explicit and Implicit mode.
  • FTP(S) Passive and Active mode user-controlled preference.
  • User-controlled preference to treat User directory as the root of the folder hierarchy being compared.


  • Retina-display support on Mac OS X.
  • For the purposes of comparison, resources are now treated as Reference and Modified in 2-way comparison and Reference, First Modified and Second Modified in 3-way comparison.
  • All-new artwork.
  • Improved integration with popular SCMs (Source Control Systems).
  • New and updated help topics.
  • New license-key mechanism. DeltaWalker 2.x requires new license keys.
  • Double-click on status bar summary fields brings up Comparison Summary
  • New Pro edition - all features, one platform.

**DeltaWalker 2.0.1 Refresh

  • Fixes a problem with certain types of license keys not being recognized and/or properly saved on some platforms.
  • Restores script file history.

DeltaWalker Sep 17, 2013

Folder Comparison

  • Restored proper operation of folder comparison Path filters targeting individual files/folders.
  • Restored the ability to compare Parallels shared drives/folders even when those shares don't offer the full set of file attributes collected by DeltaWalker.
  • Improved "Set Date Modified" functionality.

Text Comparison

  • Improved text comparison performance and problematic scroll bar behavior for very large files.
  • BOM (Byte Order Mark) bytes are now skipped when reading UTF-encoded text files.
  • "Path does not exist" exception no longer thrown when trying to re-compare a resource after it's been Saved As under a new name.


  • Save and restore of app window size and position, including size and position of opened views and editors.
  • Alert control - the yellow/red strip along the top of a comparison window - is now always properly shown/hidden.
  • Registration info submission improvements.
  • DeltaWalker DMG packages are now signed and Gatekeeper could not be happier.
  • DeltaWalker executable now blocks/does not return control when invoked from the command line.
  • Log subsystem improvements.
  • Updated documentation and readme files.

DeltaWalker May 6, 2013

Folder Comparison

  • Fixed intermittent three-way folder comparison errors.
  • Improved initialization performance and responsiveness of three-way comparisons.
  • Removed the .settings filter from the list of default filters as it's a folder of significance for Android-based projects.

Text Comparison

  • Common vertical scrollbar now always correctly initialized.


  • DeltaWalker executable can again be launched from command line using only a relative path e.g. ./DeltaWalker.
  • Improved three-way layout persistence between app sessions for existing and for new comparison windows.
  • Restored immediate visual update of text editor preview in Text Comparison preference page when manipulating preferences on that page.
  • Fixed intermittent empty comparison windows persistence problem.
  • Improved Submit Feedback log file collection.
  • Only charset match results with confidence >=50% are considered valid. Low confidence results are often problematic as they allow many binary files to be detected and compared as text files.
  • Fixed a broken XML Structure comparison view.

SCM Integration

  • Support for read-only titles supplied as command line parameters by many SCM-s. Titles allow for clearer indication of the meaning and role of each panel e.g. Yours, Theirs, Common Ancestor.

Remote connectivity and comparison

  • Fixes a problem with the visibility state of the SSH dropdown button in remote resource dialog.

DeltaWalker Mar 21, 2013

Text Comparison

  • 10x+ faster, flicker-free diffs rendering and refresh after editing/merging.
  • Improved common vertical toolbar and Birds eye view size & positioning.

Folder Comparison

  • Diffs column now empty when there's no comparison method selected.
  • New Size column tooltip always shows size in bytes.
  • New Date Modified column tooltip always shows date and time in long format.
  • Set Date Modified dialog - Last Date Modified option now functions properly; controls are correctly enabled/disabled.
  • Copy/move ops now succeed even when the destination items are read-only.
  • An alternate routine now attempts setting the Creation and Modified Date file attributes in cases when the destination file system, e.g. FAT32 accessible via samba, doesn't offer reliable implementation of these API.
  • Several corner cases of Date/time diffs are now correctly formatted for display.

Remote connectivity and comparison

  • FTP file names are now treated as UTF-8 encoded by default.
  • Improved Select Remote Folder dialog.

Image Comparison

  • Improved detection of all published TIFF magic numbers.


  • A private version of latest JRE now part of the app bundle (Mac OS X 64b).
  • More and relevant actions available now in the XML view context menu.
  • Fixed an occasional lock-up at startup and when saving changes made to preferences.
  • HTML reports and Print Preview now truthfully reflect the configuration and contents of all aspects of a folder comparison window e.g. permissions, date modified, sizes, Diffs column.
  • Fixed File > Print > Save as PDF...
  • New "-nomru" command line argument; when specified, no previously opened comparisons are opened at startup.
  • Out of the box support for OpenOffice docs and war archives.
  • Open state of sessions now saved when the app is closed from the Quit/Exit menu item or via the Cmd/Ctrl+W shortcut.
  • An empty main window now supports drag&drop of files and folders.
  • When a new app instance connects to an existing one, additional history entries are no longer added.
  • Removed an unnecessary File > Exit menu item.
  • New "Show intro tips in new comparison windows" preference.
  • No more "The update checker service is not initialized" error messages when launching DW from the command line.
  • Max session count now set at 50 per session type - file or folder.
  • New and updated help topics.

SCM Integration

  • Fixed path errors introduced by the new app bundle layout.

DeltaWalker Dec 28, 2012

Folder Comparison

  • New Attribute Filter allowing easy exclusion of files & folders based on their most common attributes e.g. hidden, read-only, etc.
  • New, faster and more powerful Path Filter implementation. Built-in convertor for old to new style path filters.
  • New context menu item allowing the exclusion by path of one or more resources.
  • New native copy/move file implementation, up-to 2x faster when copying large number of small files. Now all file attributes, incl. all types of resource forks, are properly copied.
  • Improved progress monitor accuracy.
  • Delete key inside the URI/path text field now works.
  • Improved "Compare With" action implementation.
  • Fixed moving of resources in certain scenarios.
  • Clearer indication when working with default preferences vs. comparison session settings.
  • Last selected preference page now 'remembered' between invocations of Comparison Settings dialog.
  • Alignment override filter fixes and improvements.
  • Main and context menu cleanup. Exclude, Select, Expand now have sub-menu items.

Remote connectivity and comparison

  • Fixes problems with custom port connections.
  • New location for secure storage settings. Password saved as part of existing sessions need to be re-entered.
  • New Secure Storage preference page.


  • All file and folder comparison windows are now saved on exit and restored upon restart.
  • Retina display support.
  • Fullscreen mode support.
  • Splash screen is no more!
  • Significantly improved startup time.
  • All most recently opened sessions are now opened on separate thread from the very beginning, resulting in improved responsiveness and robustness.
  • JRE7 now supported. Improved app bundle layout.
  • User Interface now uses smaller font.
  • Improved visual filter behavior e.g. Show Same, Different, Added, Deleted.
  • New and updated help topics.
  • Improved session tree behavior.
  • Improved content type detection, particularly for binary files.

SCM Integration

  • Improved git integration.
  • Ability to specify the time, in milliseconds, DeltaWalker should wait before returning control to its caller e.g. -wait=2000

Text Comparison

  • Improved text editor inline diff redraw so that changes to the "Ignore Whitespace" and similar preferences are properly visualized.

DeltaWalker Aug 12, 2012

Image Visualization and Comparison

  • TIFF files (.tiff, .tif) are now properly detected and visualized.

Folder Comparison

  • Copying and visualization of of symbolic links.
  • Detection and handling of certain archive formats (war, gz.).
  • Next/Previous difference now only iterate files with differences.
  • In-place resource renaming now functions properly.

Text Comparison

  • Editors no longer jump when editing files with many differences.
  • Improved vertical scrolling synchronization.
  • Ignore Line Delimiters and Ignore Whitespace now function properly for file comparisons launched from within folder comparisons.
  • Improved text extraction for many 'compound' document types, particularly Excel files.
  • Improved automatic character encoding detection. Default character encoding now is UTF-8.

Remote connectivity and comparison

  • Files and folders are properly listed in FTP folder comparisons

User interface

  • Edit > Copy/Move menu cleanup.


  • Custom content type mappings are now properly saved, restored and applied.
  • Entering a license key from within the Trial Expiration Reminder dialog now sticks.
  • Git support enhancements to account for changes in recent versions of Git offering built-in DW support.

DeltaWalker July 10, 2012

Best in class Image Visualization and Comparison

  • Intuitive zooming & panning.
  • 2-way and 3-way pixel-by-pixel differencing capabilities.
  • Widest range of supported image formats amongst diff tools.
    • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) (.jpeg, .jpg).
    • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG 2000) (.jp2, .j2k).
    • Portable Network Graphics (PNG) (.png).
    • Graphics Interchange (GIF) (.gif).
    • Adobe Photoshop (PSD) (.psd) (most, not all).
    • Bitmap (BMP) (.bmp).
    • Tagged Image File (TIFF) (.tiff, .tif).
    • Apple Quickdraw metaformat (PICT) (.pct, .pict, .pic).
    • Bitmap (BMP) (.bmp).
    • Windows icon (ICO) (.ico).
    • Netpbm (PNM) (.ppm, .pgm, .pbm, .pnm).

Folder Comparison

  • Solar System's fastest folder comparison.

    • On Mac OS X ~70x faster than next best diff tool (default settings).
    • ~15x faster than DeltaWalker 1.9.8 (default settings).
  • Best in class folder comparison alignment override - allows for comparison of resources with different names (Oro-only).

  • More capable, faster path filters.

  • 2x+ faster byte-by-byte comparison.

  • Binary comparison UI improvements - double-click on a pair of binary files launches a byte-by-byte comparison.

  • Right-on progress monitor accuracy and responsiveness for both local and remote sync operations.

  • Significantly improved copy/move/delete operations reliability, error reporting and recovery in error conditions.

  • New "Ignore timezone differences" preference.

  • New, robust content type detection mechanism covering all supported file types.

  • Visualization and comparison of file/folder permissions/attributes.

  • Support for Resource Forks (RF):

    • Copy & move sync ops are now aware of RFs and copy/move them, when present.
    • Permissions tree column now shows @ at the end when a file has a RF.
    • ToolTip for a file with a RF shows the size of RF.
    • Compare byte-by-byte now compares the RF of files whose data forks are the same.
  • Permission Denied indicator when accessing resources without sufficient access priviledges.

  • Highly-optimized partial comparison updates following sync operations.

  • Proper behavior of "Set Date Modified", "Re-Compare Selected" and "Rename" context-sensitive commands for both local and remote resources.

  • Improved tree selection behavior and performance.

Remote connectivity and comparison

  • Up-to 8x faster SFTP comparison and SFTP sync operations.
  • SSH keys and SSH passphrase support.
  • New, secure storage of passwords and passphrases using Mac OS X Keychain.
  • FTPS support.
  • Improved WebDAV support.
  • Improved (S)FTP(S) folder comparison responsiveness throughout.
  • Accurate transfer of attributes/permissions to/from (S)FTP sites.
  • New PASSIVE/ACTIVE FTP preference.
  • New (S)FTP(S) User Directory is Root preference.

Text Comparison

  • Long-line wrap support.
  • Support for Apple's iWork suite.
    • Pages
    • Numbers
    • Keynote
  • RTF support.
  • Significant three-way comparison inline differencing improvements.
  • New, robust automatic character encoding detection.

User interface improvements

  • Significant preference pages overhaul.
  • New Submit Feedback dialog and functionality.
  • Mac OS X:
    • Menu items no longer have icons in compliance with OS X UI guidelines.
    • Improved main-toolbar implementation.
  • Overall UI cleanup.
  • Improved Alert (thin horizontal strip at top of comparison windows) widget appearance and behavior.
  • Improved usability of "Install License" and "About" dialogs.
  • New "Purchase Online" Help menu command.


  • Ultra-fast, highly-optimized HTML file and folder report generation. If your browser can handle it, so can DW.
  • 64-bit Mac OS X build.
  • New, cleaner and simpler to use DMG installer.
  • New logging framework.
  • Improved license mechanism reliability.
  • Updated help documentation.
  • Improved SCM integration.

Notable fixes

  • If you have contacted us about an issue, chances are, it has been addressed.

DeltaWalker 1.9.8 August 16, 2011

Folder comparison

  • "Open With" context sensitive menu.
  • Improved performance, particularly over slow networks.
  • Improved memory consumption.
  • Improved progress monitor accuracy during synchronization operations.
  • Files and folders copied/moved from (S)FTP locations are now assigned default permissions.

File comparison:

  • Introduced three-way inline difference detection in conflict areas.
  • Improved three-way conflict areas detection.

Notable fixes:

  • Crash at startup caused by specific file types being opened as part of the last session.
  • Folder comparison report generation, including Linked reports.
  • Files with no extension can again be opened.
  • XML files can again be compared as structures in their entirety.
  • Page Setup can now be invoked from the Print Preview window (available in 1.9.8 Refresh).
  • "When loading Office docs break lines..." preference now properly saved/restored (1.9.8 Refresh).
  • NSToolbar assertion addressed (1.9.8 Refresh).


  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated "Compare with DeltaWalker" Automator service installation instructions.
  • Improved integration with Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, SVN and other SCMs and third party apps.
  • Default memory increased from 256MB to 768MB.
  • Lion-specific fixes e.g. common scrollbar visibility, tree header initial rendering, etc.
  • Birds-eye-view visibility issue on Lion (1.9.8 Refresh).
  • Proper folder type detection for mounted drives (1.9.8 Refresh).
  • SCM integration fine-tunings (1.9.8 Refresh).

DeltaWalker 1.9.7 March 21, 2011

  • Stability enhancements release. Free for existing license holders.
  • Notable fixes:
    • Restored proper synchronization operations for large number of files.
    • Dismissing the Replace confirmation dialog can no longer result in data loss.
    • Auto-suggest/auto-complete in the resource path text fields executes on a separate thread now to prevent UI lockup.
    • Subtle folder comparison tree selection and navigation issues.

DeltaWalker 1.9.6 February 16, 2011

  • Stability and performance enhancements release. Free for existing license holders.
  • Folder comparison:
    • Updates following synchronization operations are now instant.
    • All standard tree-related shortcuts restored.
    • Intermittent selection problems fixed.
    • Sort column and direction now saved between sessions.
    • Subtle sort issues involving resources with same attributes e.g. size are now fixed.
    • Paths of resources being currently compared are now shown in status bar during comparison.
  • File comparison:
    • Improved character encoding auto-detection.
    • Default encoding on Mac OS X now UTF-8.
    • Very slow typing in ancestor window in three-way file comparison now fixed.
    • Ability to visualize and compare 4x larger files, including binary files.
  • Remote connectivity:
    • Synchronization operations over remote connections can be initiated at any time.
  • Other notable fixes:
    • Resource URI-s containing non-ASCII characters are now properly saved across sessions.
    • Possible crash at startup due to use of non-ASCII characters as part of session data now fixed.
    • Auto-suggest/auto-complete in the resource path text fields now snappy even over slow connections.

DeltaWalker 1.9.5 December 21, 2010

  • One of the most significant updates to date. Free for existing license holders.
  • Folder comparison:
    • Super-fast.
    • Capable of comparing hundreds of thousands of items.
    • Significantly improved memory consumption.
    • Significantly improved responsiveness throughout - selection, navigation, expansion, sorting, filtering/searching.
    • Drag-selection of items now possible.
    • Sync operations are now performed on filtered tree items.
    • Reports are now generated against filtered items.
    • Difference navigation is done on filtered items.
    • Printing now WYSIWYG.
  • One-click integration with Git, SVN, Mercurial and Bazaar.
  • Finder context-menu integration (OS X 10.6/Snow Leopard only).
  • Standalone launcher now available, allowing quick launches of subsequent DeltaWalker instances.
  • Remote connectivity
    • FTP connections now default to PASSIVE mode.
    • Other FTP connection improvements.
  • Notable bug fixes:
    • Occasional hangs at the end of folder synchronization operations.
    • Mac OS X and Linux permissions of parents folders not properly transferred during folder sync operations.
    • User's home folder and username are no longer automatically prepended to the initial path when connecting to remote locations.
    • Creating linked reports now works properly.

DeltaWalker 1.9.1 June 29, 2010

  • Detailed progress information during file synchronization operations including:
    • Time remaining.
    • Items remaining - count and size, out of total item count and size for a job.
    • Speed.
  • Ability to rename files and folders directly inside folder comparison windows.
  • Ability to delete and rename sessions directly inside the session drop-down windows.
  • Ability to ignore timestamp differences in folder comparison due to daylight savings.
  • Next/Previous Conflict actions for navigating conflicts in three-way comparison.
  • Pathname auto-suggest/content assistant now runs on a separate thread keeping UI responsive at all times.
  • Remote Resource dialog:
    • User's home folder and username are now automatically prepended to the initial path
    • Improved handling of incorrectly specified connection parameters.
  • Startup-time improvements when multiple sessions are present.
  • Folder comparison performance improvements.
  • Notable bug fixes:
    • Fixed a startup crash caused by corrupted font cache introduced by OS X 10.6.3 update.
    • Fixed infrequent crash during synchronization operations.
    • Fixed a problem with launching comparison sessions of compressed files.
    • New troubleshooting topic on fixing occasional anti-aliasing issue on OS X.

DeltaWalker 1.9 March 21, 2010

User Interface:

  • 100% Cocoa UI, including the signature Mac toolbar, sheets, etc.
  • New artwork - icons, welcome page, splash screen.
  • Streamlined toolbar organization - folder comparison-specific operations now located on the folder comparison local toolbar.
  • More features, yet simpler and cleaner UI.

Session Management:

  • Support for named sessions, session favorites, session search and delete etc.; new "Organize Sessions" window.
  • Session properties are now a snapshot of the preference defaults. This guarantees that next time a session is loaded it'll execute exactly the same way as it did the last time.
  • Preference-controlled ability to load the most recent file & folder comparison sessions on startup. On by default.
  • Fine level of clearing history; new "Clear History" window.
  • Ability to Export and Import sessions.
  • Ability to launch sessions from the command line by specifying their name.
  • Cleaner separation os session properties from preference defaults.

Folder Comparison:

  • "Compare To" functionality in folder comparison where you can pick and choose the files/folder for comparison from within a folder comparison window.
  • "Re-Compare Selected" of files and folders.
  • Sorting by name, date, size.
  • Preference-controlled ability to list folders before files.
  • Preference-controlled option for the folder comparison trees at the end of comparison. Trees are now collapsed by default.
  • The folder hierarchies now remember their subnodes' expanded/collapsed state; Cocoa version only.


  • Unified file and folder filters UI, design and implementation.


  • Page Orientation (Printing) can now be set from within the Page setup dialog.
  • More accurate vertical sizing of the Birds-eye view in both file and folder comparison.
  • Generating folder comparison reports now respects the filters applied to the folder comparison view.

Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Resolved a deadlock preventing launching of new sub-comparison while main folder comparison was in progress.
  • Fixed infrequent crash/hang during sync operations.
  • Resolved problems logging to remote sites using password containing certain special characters.
  • Improved performance on updates following sync operations.
  • Fixed a resource leak in file comparison that over time could make DeltaWalker's UI irresponsive.
  • Fixed inaccuracies in the time grouping of existing sessions in the session history lists.

DeltaWalker 1.9 is a free upgrade for all licensed DeltaWalker users.

rm -fr ~/.deltawalker

DeltaWalker 1.8.7 April 16, 2009

  • One-click folder synchronization operations:

    • Update First - copy newer and orphan files from Second folder to First.
    • Update Second - copy newer and orphan files from First folder to Second.
    • Update Both - copy newer and orphan files from either side to the other.
    • Mirror to First - make First folder identical to Second.
    • Mirror to Second - make Second folder identical to First.
  • File copy/move performance and usability improvements:

  • New, more accurate, algorithm for estimating amount of work of individual and combined synchronization operations.

  • Single progress meter for all synchronization operations.

  • Simplified file and folder Confirm Replace dialogs.

  • Confirmation dialogs now have context specific button labels e.g. "Save"/"Don't Save", "Replace"/"Don't Replace" instead of generic "Yes"/"No".

  • Preference-controlled ability to show Confirm Replace dialog only when Shift key is down.

  • Older Date Modified values in folder comparison are shown in dimmed color to indicate lower importance.

  • New shortcut keys in folder comparison:

    • Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow - copy from left to right.
    • Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow - copy from right to left.
    • Esc - stop a comparison in progress.
  • Support for -merged="pathname" command line parameter used by certain SCMs like Git, Mercurial and Subversion.

  • Detailed instructions incl. shell scripts for integration with Git, Mercurial, and Subversion.

  • New binary file extensions added to Content Type preferences.

  • New preference controlled notifications when file is deleted/moved on disk.

  • Linked report type selection now saved between sessions.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Ability to delete files from certain NAS (Network Attached Storage) and USB devices.
    • No more out of memory exceptions when creating folder comparison HTML reports of folders containing mid and large binary files.
    • Print Preview no longer gets occasionally disabled.
    • Cursor over horizontal window divider now changes accordingly.
    • Restored Merge button tooltips.
    • Remote Resource dialog no longer freezes when given invalid URI.
    • URI's with unescaped '%' now work properly.
    • S/FTP ports bigger than 32K are now handled correctly.

DeltaWalker 1.8.6 January 29, 2009

  • Support for text extraction from the following Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and Adobe PDF documents:
    • Word 97-2008 (.doc and .docx)
    • Excel 97-2008 (.xls and .xlsx)
    • PowerPoint 97-2008 (.ppt)
    • Non-encrypted PDF (.pdf)
  • Preference-controlled ability to insert line breaks when loading Office documents.
  • Significant file copy/move performance improvements.
  • Ability to cancel single file copy/move operations.
  • Preference-controlled ability to follow symbolic links or to show/edit them as files in folder and file comparison.
  • Improved Remote File/Folder Dialog:
    • Ability to test connection settings inside the dialog.
    • Escaping of special URI characters e.g. @, !, &, etc.
    • Improved accuracy and display of connection errors.
    • Display of resulting URI.
  • Ability to edit complex URIs i.e. URIs with username and password inside the file/folder comparison URI text entries.
  • Preferences tune-up, incl. new 'Show Last Modified' and 'Show Size' preferences.
  • Bug fixes.

DeltaWalker 1.8.5 November 18, 2008

  • Support for comparison sessions. A DeltaWalker session offers a quick way of launching a recent file or folder comparison. It holds all the information required to run that comparison the same way you ran it last time - the paths/URIs of the compared files or folders, including username and password, as well as any preferences you might have modified during that session.
  • Significantly improved memory usage for text comparisons.
  • Improved error reporting when attempting to copy/move/delete files on Mac OS X that are locked or require different permissions.
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Nov 28, 2008: DeltaWalker 1.8.5 Refresh fixes a problem with XML Structure view, while preserving version number and installers' names. Of potential interest to Oro license holders only.

DeltaWalker 1.8.2 October 5, 2008

  • Improved UI responsiveness during folder comparison. Use of spinner inside window tab, instead of progress monitor in status bar.
  • Up to 30% faster folder comparison.
  • New binary file algorithm detection.
  • Content Types preference page showing default file type assignments and allowing manual overwrite.
  • New binary file type detection improved robustness of linked folder comparison report generation.
  • Ability to set root folder in folder comparison.
  • Ability to ignore differences in timestamps smaller than a configurable threshold. Helps eliminate artificial timestamp differences introduced by file systems e.g. FAT32 with low accuracy of their timestamp setting API.
  • Search box now in dedicated area on the right of main toolbar.
  • Bug fixes.

DeltaWalker 1.8.1 July 24, 2008

  • File and folder visualization, comparison, and synchronization over WebDAV.
  • Ability to exclude (i.e. add to the list of folder comparison filters) files and/or folders via a right click, paired with easy access to those filters from within folder comparison.
  • Hiding of username and password from display URIs.
  • Improved visibility filters UI.
  • New system tray-based software updates notification mechanism.
  • More prominent indication of the editor/tree with input focus.
  • HTML viewer for HTML files. Now one can view html files as Text as well as in Design mode, as rendered by the default system browser.
  • Visualization and comparison of compressed files within compressed files.
  • Bug fixes.

DeltaWalker 1.8.0 June 10, 2008

  • File visualization and comparison over HTTP(S) plus saving over (S)FTP.
  • Folder comparison and synchronization over (S)FTP.
  • Visualization and comparison of BZ2, EAR, GZ, JAR, TAR, TBZ2, TGZ and ZIP compressed files.
  • Ability to open multiple folder comparison windows within a single application window.
  • Improved folder comparison performance.
  • Improved handling of external file change notifications on Windows.
  • Ability to Save As individual files remotely and locally.
  • Recommended for all users.

DeltaWalker 1.6.0 April 21, 2008

  • Ability to set last modified date and time of files and folders in folder comparison.
  • Ability to move files.
  • Improved folder comparison performance.
  • Significantly improved folder comparison updates during synchronization.
  • Significantly improved file load time in file comparison.
  • Shortcut keys for merge operations in file comparison: Crtl+G (Replace), Ctrl+H (Add), Ctrl+Shift+H (Delete)
  • Mac OS X file and folder permissions now transferred during copy/move.
  • Copy/move operations now use a two-level progress meter. Possible errors are logged and displayed at end of operation.
  • Folder comparison Size column now shows folder size.
  • Status line and About dialog show remaining days when using Trial license.
  • Recommended for all users.

DeltaWalker 1.5.9 February 05, 2008

  • Improved performance.
  • Improved stability - fixes a possible hang on exit when comparing files from folders with very large number of items; fixes a startup problem on certain RedHat Linux distros.
  • Ability to Copy Selected Path(s) to Clipboard in folder comparison.
  • Improved folder comparison selection visualization.
  • Recommended for all users.

DeltaWalker 1.5.8 January 11, 2008

  • Further performance improvements to folder and XML comparisons on all platforms, particularly on Mac OS X.
  • Ability to clear History item on the History menu. History size now a preference.
  • Simplified main toolbar.
  • Mac OS X File and Folder dialogs now remember last visited location.
  • Problem launching DeltaWalker from the command line on Mac OS X fixed.

Update 1.5.8 is recommended for all, and in particular for Mac OS X, users. It is not available through the software updates mechanism.

DeltaWalker 1.5.7 December 25, 2007

  • Significant performance improvements to folder and XML comparisons on all platforms, particularly on Mac OS X.
  • Visibility filters related bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixes a mouse wheel problem in text comparison on Windows Vista.
  • Mac OS X package installer (half the size of the previous DMG package).

Ver. 1.5.7 in not available as a software update. Deltopia recommends 1.5.7 to all, and in particular to Mac OS X, users.

DeltaWalker 1.5.6 December 3, 2007

File comparison report generation

An all-new report generation engine, capable of creating reports in both HTML and XML formats, presents:

  • A summary of the comparison results.
  • The paths of the files being compared.
  • All preferences and their values used by the text comparison algorithm.
  • A high-fidelity, side-by-side visual HTML rendition of the compared files. When XML files are being compared the report can optionally include a representation of both the text and the structure comparison view, painting a complete picture of the XML differences from two, complementing each other, angles.
  • XML and HTML reports are ideal means for creating electronic snapshots of the differences b/n pairs of files. Such snapshots can easily be stored and used to trace the change history of files of interest. They are also well suited for electronic exchange e.g. via email of detailed differencing information about such files of interest, without the actual files being present.
  • Consistent HTML reports rendering across browsers and operating systems.

Folder comparison report generation

  • Exhibits all characteristics of file comparison reports described above.
  • Linked Reports-the ability of the folder comparison report generator to optionally create and include links to individual file comparison reports of a) Different files B) Selected files C) All files d) No files.

Visibility filters

Offer a powerful way to quickly and easily toggle the visibility of a) Added b) Deleted c) Different and d) Same files. The Visibility and the Search filters can be easily and transparently combined offering you, the user, a uniquely-powerful way to look at your folder and XML file comparison results from different perspectives. Using Visibility and Search filters you can display and operate only on the types of differences you want or zoom in on items - XML nodes or files and folders - of interest to you. This is particularly useful in comparisons with hundreds and thousands of items.

Preferences dropdown menu button

on the main toolbar offering instant access to preferences that directly affect the work of the text comparison algorithm and the visualization of its results. These include:

  • Ignore Whitespace
  • Ignore Whitespace
  • Ignore Character case
  • Ignore Line Delimiters
  • Show Inline Differences
  • Show Whitespace

Structure toolbar

A new toolbar, part of the main application toolbar, now the home for operations common to folder and XML comparisons. The Structure toolbar currently includes:

Visibility filters drop-down menu-button

Its menu items include the four visibility filters:

  • Show Same
  • Show Different
  • Show Added
  • Show Deleted

Its default action is to toggle the visibility state of the Same items.

Select/Deselect Items drop-down menu-button

Its menu items include six selection-related actions:

  • Select Different
  • Select Added
  • Select Deleted
  • Select Different, Added, and Deleted
  • Invert Selection
  • Select All

Exapand/Collapse Nodes drop-down menu-button

Contains five expansion-related actions:

  • Expand Different, Added and Deleted
  • Expand All
  • Expand Different, Added, and Deleted in Selection
  • Expand All in Selection
  • Collapse All

Search field

The Search field, previously available only to Folder comparison now available to XML file comparison as well. The state and the settings of the Search filter specific to each comparison window are saved and applied as one switches between these windows.

Redesigned folder and XML file comparison context sensitive menus

They now include all actions common to both comparisons as well as two new actions:

  • Expand Different, Added, and Deleted in Selection
  • Expand All in Selection.

These two actions offer a powerful way to work with very large structure comparisons which would otherwise impose performance issues. In combination with the built-in performance optimization preferences that do not expand nodes with differences for very large comparisons, these actions offer the ability to work selectively only with branches/hierarchies of interest.

Improved folder comparison preference pages

  • Two new preferences for finer control of the folder comparison algorithm - Compare file timestamps and Compare file size.
  • Improved options and default values for structure comparison algorithm optimization, including a new option to control the notification for local changes to the files and folders being compared.
  • Added tooltips for preferences whose meaning is not immediately clear.
  • Improved supporting text and labels to the Folder Comparison Filters preference pages.

Improved memory footprint and download size

DeltaWalker 1.5.6 memory footprint is ~7MB less than before; it's startup time is improved by ~10%; it's download size by ~6MB.

The download size of the Windows MSI installer in particular was reduced by more than 50% - from 33.8MB to 14.8MB by using more aggressive compression techniques.

New application bundle package for Mac OS X

The new application bundle is more consistent with the Mac OS X guidelines for such packages

"Compare with DeltaWalker" droplet

The new droplet, named Compare with DeltaWalker accepts files dropped onto it and opens them in DeltaWalker for comparison.
Version 1.5.5 and 1.5.6 contain infrastructure changes that make this new functionality unavailable as software updates. That is, users of previous DeltaWalker versions need to uninstall DeltaWalker and install the new version to take advantage of the new functionality.