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Printing a Comparison

You can preview and print the contents of a text or a folder comparison window using the Print Preview and the Print commands.

The print preview renders a very close, WYSIWYG, approximation of the way the comparison will look when printed. printed.

It is possible that there are minor differences in color and overall quality between the copy printed by your printer and the print preview you see on your screen. These can be due to a number of factors:

  • Differences in the color calibration of your printer and/or your monitor. Many monitors and printers come with calibration software one can use to bridge that gap.
  • Unexpected or poor conversion from the difference colors used by DeltaWalker to the grayscale levels of your printer, when printing on black and white printers. Should this be the case, try changing/upgrading your printer driver. If that doesn't help, try choosing colors in DeltaWalker that print better on your setup.

Use the options—margins, headers & footers to name but a few—on the Page Setup dialog to personalize the printed output. Used in tandem, the Print Preview and the Page Setup windows allow you to instantly visualize the changes you make to your print settings and to choose the ones that work best for you.

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