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Platform Differences

Are the DeltaWalker platforms editions functionally identical?

For the most part—yes. DeltaWalker is written in the Java programming language, yet it looks native and performs natively on all supported platforms because its user interface is built using the native widgets of each supported platform. Subtle differences in performance and functionality of those widgets across platforms can occasionally lead to minor differences in the respective areas in DeltaWalker.

In the name of a tight visual integration with each supported operating system, DeltaWalker comes with a set of icons specifically designed to match the icons of the operating system. The provided installers are also OS-specific and their goal is to provide as native user experience as possible. For example, on Microsoft Windows DeltaWalker comes bundled with a shell extension that ensures a close integration with the Windows shell; on Linux, there is a RPM package, and on macOS—a DMG package.

Lastly, DeltaWalker extends some native dialogs such as the Select File dialog to a different degree on the different platforms. For instance, the Windows and the Linux Select File dialogs allow for choosing the encoding and the line delimiter when opening or saving files; these enhancements are not yet available in the macOS version of DeltaWalker.

All such differences are auxiliary in nature and add up to only slight variations in functionality and performance.

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