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Resetting the App State

Although rare, it is possible that one or more values kept in the DeltaWalker state files get corrupted, preventing the app from launching or from performing per its specification. In those cases, deleting the app state files is the easiest way forward.

Please note that this will reset all preferences to factory defaults and clear all saved comparison sessions.

Before proceeding, consider sending our support team your DeltaWalker state and log files: Help > Submit Feedback... as those would likely contain clues as to what has gone wrong with DW on your setup.

To reset the DeltaWalker state, ensure that DeltaWalker is not running, then:

On macOS: open a Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal) window, then copy & paste the command below:

rm -fr ~/Library/Containers/com.deltopia.DeltaWalker/Data/Library/Application\ Support/DeltaWalker

Then, hit Enter.

On Windows: click the Start button, type cmd, then copy & paste the command below:

rd /q /s "%USERPROFILE%\.deltawalker"

Then, hit Enter.

On Linux]: if you are a Linux user, you need no instructions on how to execute the command below:

rm -fr ~/.deltawalker

Missing JRE On Startup

When upgrading to DeltaWalker v2.2+ on macOS, you may encounter an error message that reads:

    A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available in order to run DeltaWalker.

DeltaWalker v2.2+ has a new app bundle layout for better Gatekeeper/code-signing compliance, a change that left modified .ini files referring to the old bundle layout.

Until a transparent upgrade mechanism is available, addressing this now on your side is easy. Please open the DeltaWalker.ini file below in your favorite text editor:

~/Library/Containers/com.deltopia.DeltaWalker/Data/Library/Application\ Support/DeltaWalker/DeltaWalker.ini

Change the second line from:




Troubleshooting Sync Ops on macOS

If DeltaWalker reports an error when moving, copying or deleting resources, files or folders, on macOS, it is most likely due to ownership or permission issues.

Troubleshooting Ownership/Access Control List (ACL) Issues

You can run into ownership issues when trying to copy/modify files that have been created by a different user, or created by you, but on a different machine; a typical error message in those cases would read:

“...effective UID does not match the owner of the file and the process is not privileged"

The solution in such cases is to (re-)gain ownership of the resources. Apps like BatChmod (opens in a new tab) would help you do just that, without having to resort to Terminal.

Troubleshooting Permission Issues

Permissions issues are typically easier to identify and overcome. The error message presented by DeltaWalker would make a direct reference to that: for instance, "No Permissions".

There are different ways to work around permission issues:

  • Launch DeltaWalker as root/administrator by typing the following in a terminal window:

    sudo /Applications/

    Then perform the desired operations.

  • Change the item's permissions. You may also need to change permissions settings for the disk, server, or folder where you want to copy or move the item:

    • Right-click on the item in DeltaWalker and select 'Show in Finder'.
    • In Finder, select the item and choose File > Get Info.
    • Make sure the item isn't locked i.e. the Locked checkbox is unchecked.
    • Click the triangle next to Sharing & Permissions to expand the section.
    • Open the pop-up menu next to your username to see the permission settings. You may need to click the lock icon and type your password.
    • For the item you want to move or copy, choose Read Only or Read & Write. For the location where you want to place the item, choose Read & Write or Write Only.

Unsupported platform

Make sure your software and hardware configuration are among the ones DeltaWalker is certified to run on, as listed in the DeltaWalker Reference Platforms. For instance, DeltaWalker will not run on Windows 95.

Missing GTK (Linux-only)

If you downloaded and installed DeltaWalker for Linux, you need to make sure that your Linux distribution has a correctly installed GTK+ 2.2.1 or higher.

Insufficient Memory or Disk Space

Make sure that your hardware configuration is adequate for running DeltaWalker. If those are met, in rare cases, you may want to increase the amount of memory available to DeltaWalker using the Max available memory field that's part of the General preference page.

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