How Do I?
Traverse Windows

How do I traverse between windows using the keyboard?

In DeltaWalker file, comparison windows are often referred to as editors, and folder comparison windows referred to as views. By design, editors and view windows don't mix together.

You will often need to traverse between the currently opened editors. Here are the ways you can do that using only the keyboard:

Keyboard Shortcut

  • Cmd+F6 to traverse forward (counterclockwise)
  • Cmd+Shift+F6 to traverse backward (clockwise)
  • Cmd+Shift+E to bring up the Switch to Editor dialog box
  • Cmd+E to bring up the Quick Switch Editor popup

The Quick Switch Editor popup shown below is a particularly handy way of quickly getting to a file comparison window when you have many open comparisons:

Quick Switch File Comparison Window image

In the case of dozens of editors, you may find it useful to start typing the first letters of the file comparison window name as listed in the popup, and only the editor name(s) starting with those letters will be shown.

Switching between text editors in a comparison window

To traverse between the text editors/folder trees and the file/folder selectors in a comparison window use:

Keyboard Shortcut

  • Ctrl+Tab to traverse forward (counterclockwise)
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab to traverse backward (clockwise)

To change the behavior of the Tab key to insert space instead of tab characters, use the Text Comparisons > Editors preference page options.