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Resource Forks

Does DeltaWalker support macOS resource forks?

A resource fork is a macOS file system (HFS+) construct used to store structured data in a file, alongside unstructured data stored within the data fork.

DeltaWalker offers the following support for Resource Forks (RF):

  • Sync operations such as copy and move are aware of RFs and, when present, copy/move them along with the the files' data forks.
  • The Permissions folder comparison tree column shows '@' at the end for files with RFs as illustrated by the screenshot that follows.
  • Tooltips for files with RFs show the size of RF; see screenshot.
  • Byte-by-byte comparison of files with RFs includes: a) data fork comparison b) resource fork comparison, if the data forks are the same.

Resource forks

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