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What are the differences b/n file and folder comparison windows?

Two types of windows can occupy the DeltaWalker application window—views and editors. An example for a view is the Folder Comparison window and for an editor—the File Comparison window. The differences between views and editors, while subtle, are important:

  • There is only one instance of a given view type per application window e.g. there can be only a single folder comparison in a given instance of DeltaWalker.
  • Editors and views cannot be mixed in the same stack of tabbed windows e.g. you cannot drag and drop the folder comparison window into an area together with a file comparison window.
  • Views can be docked/moved to any part of the application window, whereas editors occupy only one area of that window.
  • Views can be detached from the application window (and attached back by dragging the view by its tab and dropping it over the main window).
  • Making changes to an editor puts it in a modified state, whereas changes made to a view are applied instantly to the data it represents. For instance if a modified text comparison window is closed without saving, the changes to file(s) it represents will be lost.
  • Views can have local toolbars, as is the case with the folder comparison window, whereas editors cannot—editors are associated with the main toolbar.

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